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Nails – “Suffering Soul”

Raw Southern California grind trio Nails’ 11-song, 14-minute Kurt Ballou-produced Unsilent Death is an album I play on repeat. It feels even more monumental that way. The collection was originally released in the by Six Feet Under and the band’s own Streetcleaner imprint, but those editions are long gone, so Southern Lord reissued it today. Their new label isn’t wrong to mention AmRep in the PR descriptions, but when you consider frontman/founder Todd Jones’ background in Terror, Carry On, Betrayed, Blacklisted, etc., you’d also be wise to run through some straight-up hardcore when you listen to “Suffering Soul.” And you probably would have — even if I hadn’t mentioned it.

Nails – “Suffering Soul”

01 “Conform”
02 “Scum Will Rise”
03 “Your God”
04 “Suffering Soul”
05 “Unsilent Death”
06 “Traitor”
07 “I Will Not Follow”
08 “No Servant”
09 “Scapegoat”
10 “Depths”

The reissued Unsilent Death is out today (9/28) via Southern Lord. Check out their current tour dates and listen to three more album tracks at MySpace.

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