MGMT Pissed On?

MGMT PR 2010

MGMT Pissed On?

MGMT PR 2010

Sad news, if you like and care about MGMT, or if you like and are in MGMT, since there is a 1-in-5 chance you were the member who received a glassful of urine at a show:

According to Pitchfork, who quote an Ace Showbiz post, a “fan” at their show in Manchester, England Sunday night threw a glass full of urine at the stage, striking drummer Will Berman in the chest. He left the stage and wouldn’t come back (since he was likely freaking out and changing clothes backstage). It took the band another song to realize he had left. They begged him to return for the last couple songs, but had to do “Kids” and the rest of the set to a pre-recorded drum track.

There are so many questions about this rumor, both psychological (are you a “fan” of a band if you throw urine at them?) and physical (how do you launch a glass full of anything hard enough to hit the drummer at the back of the stage?). Here’s a fact: The only musician who should probably have urine tossed at him is Fat Mike (though that turned out to be joke, because no decent person throws piss around or makes people drink urine).

MGMT have also been pissed on, metaphorically, by their label Columbia. According to Consequence Of Sound, Columbia will keep a closer eye on the band’s next recording, because of the weak reception Congratulations received. I interviewed the band recently, and they said that they told Columbia not to sign them, and warned them that they wouldn’t make any more songs like the ones found on Oracular Spectacular. So maybe it’s Columbia’s fault for not getting the sarcasm of “Time To Pretend.”

UPDATE: MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden, Berman was hit with a cup of beer, not urine. He wrote an email to Pitchfork about the incident:

Although we’re sure everyone’s life could go on just fine without an “official clarification” of something that happened to that band MGMT somewhere in England, things have gotten to a point where we feel obligated to defend our selves and tell people the real story: witches, this: At the start of “Kids”, MGMT’s most popular song to date and the second-to-last song in the set, a celebratory cup of hearty Manchester ale, NOT URINE, was hurled into the air in the direction of the stage, thereupon landing in the lap of William Berman, the current world’s best drummer. As we understand, thrown cups of beer are a sign of affection over here, whereas thrown bottles of urine mean the opposite. So, thank you Manchester for your affection.

VanWyngarden goes on to say that Berman left to change shirts, but returned to finish the show. And that, despite interviews to the contrary, they are doing just fine with their label, Columbia. “Taking the piss=bad idea in interviews,” he concludes. So, to sum up: MGMT are taking the piss, not getting pissed on.

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