Jeff Buckley Covers The Smiths

Few artists could sustain the sort of rarity scrounging posthumous repackaging treatment Jeff gets — but naturally we’ve bought just about every boxed set/live show/remastered demo release mom Mary Guibert’s put together (and then some she hasn’t). But the tenth anniversary of Jeff’s death approaches, a natural time for reflection on his tragically brief recording career — and a natural time for another retrospective release. Naturally.

So on 5/22, one week prior to the 10th anniversary of Buckley’s passing, Legacy will release Songs From Jeff Buckley, which liner note author David Fricke calls “the closest Jeff Buckley — singer, songwriter, guitarist, seeker — ever comes to having his own greatest-hits record.”

The real bait for Buckley completists, though, is a who-knows-how-rare cover of the Smiths’ “I Know It’s Over,” recorded for a radio program in April of ’95 but edited out before broadcast. Fricke says it captures Jeff “spacewalking with elegance through the harrowing resignation of ‘I Know It’s Over,'” with which we shan’t argue.

Jeff Buckley – “I Know It’s Over” (QT | Real | WMA)

Songs From Jeff Buckley is out 5/22 on Legacy.