Beastie Boys Go Instrumental For The Mix-Up

Adrock, Mike D, and MCA are releasing lucky LP number seven on June 26th via Capitol, but there won’t be any White Castle references, Brooklyn love, or Tibetan chanting — in fact, no vocalized sentiments at all. This time out the trio are sticking solely to their instruments, with some help from unofficial fourth B Boy Money Mark and percussionist Alfredo Ortiz.

Mike D told P4K that it’ll be nothing like The In Sounds From Way Out!, instead drawing on the likes of PiL, the Killing Joke, the Slits, and Gang Of Four for inspiration. So who wants to be the one to tell the Beasties that copping Gang Of Four was an ’05 thing? Here’s what they’ve cooked up for a cover…

The Mix-Up tracklist after the jump.

01 “B For My Name”
02 “14th St. Break”
03 “Suco De Tangerina”
04 “The Gala Event”
05 “Electric Worm”
06 “Freaky Hijiki”
07 “Off The Grid”
08 “The Rat Cage”
09 “The Melee”
10 “Dramastically Different” *
11 “The Cousin Of Death”
12 “The Kangaroo Rat”

* Yes “Dramastically” is intentional.