Vampire Weekend @ Union Hall, Brooklyn 4/27/07

Last Friday, while the cool kids were en route to Indio, the collared-shirt set gathered in to hear Band To Watch Vampire Weekend do their Paul-Simon-meets-the-Walkmen thing in the basement of Brooklyn’s Union Hall. As the bocce balls rolled overhead, the band tore politely through most of the cuts off their demo CD-R demo (notable omission: “Boston” – perhaps in deference to the drubbing going on up at Yankee Stadium?).

Standouts included the African bop of “Mansard Roof,” the skinny-tie burner “A-Punk,” and “One (Blake’s Got a New Face)” which lead singer Ezra Koenig dedicated to Metallica before leading the crowd in a spirited call-and-response. It was hard to guess the proportions of homers, buzz-chasers, and friends-of-the-band (Russell from I’m With Rolling Stone gets his own category; he was there, looking downright sober), but more than a few in the packed house knew the chorus to “Walcott,” and the vibe was upbeat throughout. Technical difficulties prevented us from taking pro-style pictures (this is what happens when Amrit goes on assignment: we curl into a fetal position and take pictures of our thumbs), but we were able to gain some insight into the band’s Cape Cod fetish…

They’ve never even been there! Except for Ezra. Once or twice. Apparently, they just like the idea of Cape Cod, which makes sense. Who would want to do the “Jersey Shore Kwassa Kwassa,” anyway? The boys will be playing NY’s Cake Shop on Saturday, the Mass MOCA on Memorial Day weekend (with Freedy Johnston), and the Bowery Ballroom on 6/2. Download two songs here.

[Pic from Flickr/ThatGreenPlant, 4/15/07]

01 “Mansard Roof”
02 “Campus”
03 “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”
04 “M8″ (new song)
05 “Bryn”
06 “A-Punk”
07 “One (Blake’s Got A New Face)”
08 “Collected”
09 “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance”
10 “Oxford Comma”
11 “Walcott”