New Get Him Eat Him – “Red And Black Guitars”

Angular indie-rock quintet Get Him Eat Him are digitally releasing The Throat Is Bent EP today and later as a limited-edition CD via their website. After a couple full-lengths on Absolutely Kosher, it’s the Providence-born New York-based band’s last. The reason? Here’s frontman Matt LeMay:

Get Him Eat Him was starting to be a huge hassle logistically (we all have day jobs, and we barely have time to practice, let alone record and play shows), so I’m focusing on more low-key things for the time being. I’ve been recording some stuff for other bands (I produced a compilation track for Oxford Collapse a couple months ago), and I’m about to start playing drums in Kleenex Girl Wonder…

So sorry not, they’ll keep making music. In fact guitarist Jason Sigal’s band, Lame Drivers will continue on and features most of GHEH (Matt included). But this is goodbye, to the Get Him Eat Him moniker and its aesthetic, and as farewell we have The Throat’s “Red and Black Guitars.” It’s the first song on the EP, but feels like a fitting finale with lines like “At last we can sing a different song that doesn’t go ‘hey, that was fun, but so long’,” “we did it / we did it / we’re too dumb to quit,” and a bit of tapering, just-one-more-minute-please feedback at the end.

Get Him Eat Him – “Red And Black Guitars” (MP3)

The band’s last show’s this Saturday (2/21) at Union Hall in Brooklyn with Kleenex Girl Wonder.

The Throat Is Bent is out digitally today via Amie Street. Get Him are reminiscent of classic indie rock past, so it’s fitting that they’ll also be 200 handmade CD’s available via Get Him Eat Him. The digital release comes with a free bonus track, “Catalysts,” which was their contribution to the compilation The Lifted Brow 4.

[Photo by Oliver J. Lopena]