New National Video – “Mistaken For Strangers”

At this point we know a lot more about the National’s day jobs than we do about this first clip from the band’s excellent album Boxer, but after watching we’re gonna guess the shoot stayed under budget. “Mistaken For Strangers”‘s shadow rock is an album standout, and director Tom Berninger (singer Matt’s bro) plays that dark card, casting long shadows and keeping it loose with lots of camera decapitation, stuffing the band in Matt’s Brooklyn apartment. Matt told Room Thirteen:

We tried to expose the energy of the band, it’s not a Björk video. It’s kind of low-fidelity concept, there are lots of people holding video cameras getting in shot; I guess it’s a kind of meta-video. I really love this video, although we’ve been told it’s not very MTV friendly!

We agree! But they don’t. So, watch it at MTV.

UPDATE: Or YouTube:

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