oOoOO – “Burnout Eyess”

I’m a big fan of Tri Angle. Robin Carolan’s label is young — this debut oOoOO EP is his second release after Balam Acab’s See Birds — but the stuff he writes about at 20jazzfunkgreats and the stable he’s accumulated for future offerings is especially appealing: Nocturnal, mysterious, spacious, warped, ghostly, fragile, murky, deeply personal. It’s insular, but also expansive. As I mentioned to Carolan, it’s music that should easily appeal to fans of black metal, goth, and plenty of other dark corners. For instance, we last heard oOoOO, aka San Francisco producer Christopher Dexter Greenspan, via his suffocated remix of fellow travelers Salem’s “Asia.” It was a treat, but it’s even more fun hearing him stretch out and rise up across the EPs six haunting, melodic pop rumbles. The collection’s one of the year’s best: Get acquainted via the beautiful “Burnout Eyess” (and remember what I said about Kate Bush last October).

oOoOO – “Burnout Eyess”

Another EP track, “Hearts”:

oOoOO – “Hearts”


01 “Mumbai”
02 “Burnout Eyess”
03 “Sedsumting”
04 “Hearts”
05 “Plains Is Hot”
06 “Burnout Eyes (Visions of Trees Remix)”

The oOoOO EP is out 10/4 as a digital download and 12″ vinyl via Tri Angle. Stream it at xlr8r. (That cover photo is one of my favorites of 2010.) And don’t forget oOoOO’s Lindsey Lohan remake from Tri Angle’s Lohan tribute mixt, Let Me Shine For You:

oOoOO – “I Live For The Day (Lindsay Lohan Remake)”

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