MySpacers Having Trashed Her Mansion, Annie Lennox Left Walking On Broken Glass

The joys and perils of MySpace, affecting artists in its varied and wondered ways. We present this blurb from the UK’s Daily Mirror as a public service to mothers everywhere, for the rare opportunity to say “parents, you, too, can learn from an Eurythmic,” but primarily for that “broken glass” headline.

The popstar, 52, has been hit with a hefty repair bill after her 16-year-old daughter, [Lola], became the latest victim of gatecrashers who get wind of a party on the internet.

But the email which was meant to get to just 30 close school friends ended up frenziedly circulating to hundreds of others. It is understood that the information about the party spread on websites like MySpace.

Their £2 million family home in north London was trashed when more than a hundred youngsters forced entry.

Party-goers daubed graffiti on walls, broke pictures and lampshades, tore apart books, urinated and vomited on carpets, flooded the kitchen and had a pitch battle in the garden.

People just kept coming and coming – there was a constant stream of them turning up from all over London and further afield. It got to a point when it was shoulder to shoulder and then a band turned up completely unannounced.’

But as things got worse people were urinating on the carpet in the corner of the living room, then there was graffiti being scrawled on and even etched into the walls, pictures were being taken down and damaged, CDs went missing, books were taken off bookshelves and pages were inexplicably ripped out.

‘Lola’s friends were totally outnumbered and the gate-crashers would not leave. The front door was locked shut to make sure no one else could get in, but the ones outside actually rammed it in, breaking its hinges.’

‘There was a fight in the garden, someone had deliberately filled the sink with detergent and let it run over so it flood the place. There was vomit on the stairs, and cigarette burns on the carpets, cans and bottles strewn inside and out. The place was a like a bombsite.

Annie has grounded Lola for an “indefinite period,” while Dave Stewart was last heard humming “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).” Just sayin’.

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