The Morning Benders Cover Roy Orbison

San Francisco indie pop outfit the Morning Benders are bent on setting their top covers to tape, and they’ve begun the loosely defined project with an homage to the iconic Roy Orbison, tackling his classic ballad “Crying.” There’s no approaching the inbuilt inflectional emotion of Roy’s voice, but the Benders filter their pathos through some subtle studio prisms and end up with an affecting Orbison update.

The Morning Benders – “Roy Orbison” (MP3)

Grab a few more of the Benders’ new and old stuff here. For now, the jangle pop crew are keeping to the Bay area, with shows scheduled 5/11 @ Bottom Of The Hill and 6/12 @ Great American Music Hall (with the Rosebuds). And if it’s covers you love, check in with the band’s newly launched blog, where covers you shall have (or at least, your are promised).

The late, great Roy Orbison’s original “Crying” after the jump.