Ben Gibbard Covers Nirvana, Plays New Stuff In Somerville, MA

More cover love! Mog user msquared wandered over to Somerville Theatre in Massachusetts last night to catch the David Bazan and Ben Gibbard solo tour. In addition to a song-requesting Ted Leo making his presence felt by bantering with Ben, the Somerville crowd was treated to a Gibbard-and-piano take on “All Apologies.” msquared offers up this vid…

Much as we love that In Utero classic, “Everyone is gay” rightly belongs on this list of ‘most outrageous claims in pop music history.’ Anyway, you Death Cab watchers have been writing about some of the new tunes Ben’s been trying on the road; yesterday we had a listen of “Casino Blues,” which it seems Gibbard has in tow most nights this trek. After the jump, some msquared vid of that tune, as well as a fresh newbie piano ballad called “Thin Ice.”


“Thin Ice”

“Casino Blues”