New Deradoorian (Angel From Dirty Projectors) – “High Road”

As Dave Longstreth’s Dirty Projectors has metamorphosed, so has the project’s lineup, becoming both a magnet and revolving door for noteworthy avant indie talent (Nat Baldwin, Larkin Grimm, Charlie Looker, etc. and etc.). Two years ago he rung in the Rise Above era and subsequently a phenomenal (and photogenic) lineup that’s helped bring the band deserved accolades, attention. So Dirty Projectors fans already know Angel Deradoorian by sight as the bass-playing half of the pint-sized sirens that flank Longstreth in concert, and by sound as an integral stitch in the breathtaking, breakthrough vocal harmonies that line DPs’ post-Rise material. (Department Of Eagles fans may recognize her from the occasional Conan appearance, too.)

All that is by way of introducing Deradoorian, the (sur)name Angel’s taken for her solo project. The 22 year-old is releasing a highly repeatable EP titled The Mind Raft on Love Pump records this May, and the lead MP3 “High Road” is an ideal entry point: elements of the DPs (background harmonies stacked as chords, albeit more static than Longstreth’s wild-eyed arrangements), with spare and plinking synths, the occasional orchestral outbursts, dirty guitars, and a voice strong enough for its own songs.

Deradoorian – “High Road” (MP3)
(via P4K)

“Weed Jam” and “Holding Pattern” are other EP standouts, as is the unexpectedly soulful “You Carry The Deed.” I mean it’s five songs, and they’re all pretty great. Angel’s The Mind Raft EP is out 5/5 via Love Pump, and keep ears peeled for a new Dirty Projectors album this year.

[Photo by Nicholas Lorden]