Yeah Yeah Yeah Fan Video Shoot Pisses Off Fans

Flickr reports trickle in from the YYYs MySpace getdown in Brooklyn Monday night, where Karen ostensibly opened the doors to the first hundred fans dressed in black and arriving at the Grasslands Gallery, set to enjoy a pair of shows and, obviously, a video shoot. Miss Modern Age selected a few photo highlights to capture the scene…

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Jealous? Don’t be! You probably wouldn’t have got in.

Over at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs message board, posters reveal the skewed and decidedly un-fan-friendly door admission policy. While 100 wristbands were promised via MySpace message, in reality less than 40 were given. User rsbklyn had recounts his evening (via PSNYC):

Re: 100 wristbands to the 7pm Glasslands show? Not Even Close

Living in Williamsburg, I was psyched as hell to go to this show. I got in line around 4. There were about 40-50 people in line in front of me, so I thought “Alright! I’m getting in for sure!”. Guess what? I didn’t get in. Hardly anybody did. The line barely moved. I will be extremely generous and estimate that the first 20 people in line got wristbands to the 7pm show. Honestly, I think it was closer to 10. I am male, so the 10pm show was not an option.

So: first it’s “250 capacity”, then it’s “100 wristbands to the first in line”, then the reality is 10-20 wristbands. I mean, WTF? I expect this kind of crap from a corporate rock band, not YYY. What should I conclude?

I guess the guest list just kept growing and growing. If you want to do a video shoot in a tiny venue with an audience of friends, family, and Interscope employees, fine. But don’t post an announcement on your website that says “100 wristbands!” unless you are actually going to give out 100 wristbands. What a total crock.

If a band wants their most loyal fans–i.e those 100 people in the front of the line, all dressed according to the dress code, all excited as hell to see their fave band–to actually STAY LOYAL, that band should keep their damn word. YYY let me down tonight. So I went to the city and bought a ticket to see deerhoof next week.

YYY poster kaw325 backed him up:

Yeah I was a bit disappointed, too. I got there at about 3:50 pm and there was only about 40 people in front of me. I thought me and my sister would get in for sure. But as you said only about 15-20 people got wristbands for the 7 pm show. What a bummer! What was really bad was the dudes in charge leading us on that we were going to get in. They told us to make sure you tell the people giving out the wristbands which show you want to go to, they made us line up in a single file, and they told us that when you get your wristband you have to leave and come back a half hour before the show and wait in the waiting room. They got me psyched up thinking that we would get in only to be told at about 5:40 pm “go home we are sold out.”

So, you guys playing at home go from being jealous to being sympathetic. Though that situation is much more likely an Interscope gaffe than a Yeah Yeah Yeahs no-no, we feel sorry for the superfans that made the effort. Let’s all just blame MySpace.