The Reincarnation Of Warren Zevon

Earlier this month, New West released Preludes, a pared down stash of pre-’76 home recording and demos, usually the sort of item reserved for the hopeless fanatics to buy — or vilify. As far as we’re concerned, though, the more people turned on to Z’s sardonic craft, the better. So mine on, reintroduce, reincarnate. We miss Warren, and in mining the treasure trove of classic concerts that is Wolfgang’s Vault remains (one of Stereogum’s favorite idle pastimes) we stumbled upon an amazing Zevon show from Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ in October of ’82. And the show description is even better:

It was remarkably eerie that the late, great singer/songwriter Warren Zevon ended this memorable 1982 performance by telling the audience: ?They say that everything that dies will come back ? and if that is true, I hope I come back as Suzanne Sommers. No, just kidding, but in case I don?t, I?d like to thank everyone for a great time and have a great life…? Then the irreverent music celebrity launched into his classic song, ?I?ll Sleep When I?m Dead.?

So clearly Warren is in limbo now. WE MUST KILL SUZANNE SOMERS.


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