Stereogum’s Lolzeitgeist Photo Contest

For those of you who haven’t heard the story yet, last week some overzealous fans broke into the studio where the Smashing Pumpkins were recording and stole some of what is believed to be the album art for Zeitgeist. The photos were then leaked to Netphoria, a Pumpkins fansite, but Corgan and Co. were not happy, management got involved, and the perps soon found themselves in jail. The photos were also deleted, but not before some intrepid fans were able to describe them for posterity (via P4K):

  • Paris Hilton posing in front of a backdrop of a bomb exploding
  • The Grim Reaper standing at a podium emblazoned with the Seal of the President of the United States, in front of a black and white Smashing Pumpkins flag
  • A person in a business suit wearing a devil mask and being crucified
  • Five blonde children saluting
  • Close-up of Billy Corgan in a hoodie
  • Billy Corgan in a hoodie, standing next to a woman with no shirt on

Talk about zeitgeist! No confirmation that this is the actual album art (could be Jimmy Chamberlain’s vacation photos, for all we know), but really, is this the most biting social critique they could come up with? Musicians hate the President? Nothing new there. Corporate America is the devil? We get it. Paris Hilton is overexposed? Way to shine a light, Pumpkins! Next thing you know they’re going to tell us that Billy Corgan likes tits and hoodies. The only thing missing here is a picture of two parents dressed as Dick Cheney, one pointing at a mountain labeled “homework” and the other tearing up a piece of paper that says “PARTY!!”

And so, as industrious Pumpkins fans, we decided to come up with our own Zeitgeist artwork…
billy corgan goes lolcats

Why mess around with tired liberal fantasies when you can have Lolpumpkins! So cute, so funny, so much less pretentious! (Update: sarah g says her friend started doing i can has corgan? a bit back, but they had nothing to do with lyrics. this one is great. good stuff, sarah g’s friend drew.)

Here’s the contest: grab your best Billy pic, and add your favorite lolpumpkin-ed lyric. Bonus points if you can use elements of the “stolen” photos, or the photos themselves. Mega bonus if you use all the elements of the stolen photos (a choir of boys with devil horns salutes the grim reaper while topless Paris Hilton clubs a baby seal wearing a hoodie. Caption: “Me’s killer in me is you’s killer in you”). No size requirements, no prizes- just send ‘em to tips at stereogum dot com. Just the respect of your fellow readers, and our undying love. We’re gonna post the best submissions on Friday, so get ‘em going.