TMBG Write A Tiny Song For Coraline, Visit Conan Again

The Johns have contributed a track, “Other Father Song,” to the stop-motion film Coraline, which is based on Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name. J. Linnell explains:

A girl finds a door in her house that first opens to a brick wall, but at night, there’s a crawlspace, a portal to another world. It seems appealing at first but it becomes very dark.

TMBG had initially written more material for the film, but as it developed (i.e. the director, etc., wanted darker, creepier music), this is the only one that made the cut. One thing worth noting is that though he doesn’t sing this song, Other Father (as well Father) is played by author, satirist, PC guy in those annoying Mac ads, and TMBG associate John Hodgman. (Coraline is voiced by Dakota Fanning.) The song is 28 seconds.

Their performance of “The Mesopotamians” on Conan lasted longer.

As O’Brien noted, that was visit 13 for TMBG, which is four or five years beyond the band’s current target demographic.