There’s A Gest Trying To Get Into The Winehouse

Thing is, that’s both the setup and the punchline. Producer, plastic surgery victim, and Minnelli ex David Gest is slanted and enchanted by the lush-ous Amy Winehouse. But it’s what he wants to do to her upon introduction that’s particularly icky. Via the estimable Tittle-Tattle:

Liza Minnelli’s ex-husband, who is currently dating English soap actress Malandra Burrows, confesses he’s infatuated with the Rehab singer and loves her wild style.

He says, “I would kiss the mole on Amy Winehouse’s face and every tattoo on her body, and I’d stick my tongue in the gap where her tooth is missing.

“I love her.”

Creepy, desperate, denial — the choice of descriptor is yours. But they would make a damn cute couple!

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