Muse And My Chem Fans Respond To Shitty News Rationally, With Death Threats

TMZ reports that the Black Parade got a little browner and a little runnier recently, after My Chemical Romance and Muse contracted salmonella food poisoning at Glenn Gormley’s Green Leaf Cafe (not sure Glenn’s name is in the title of the restaurant, but that’s how it’s been reported, and we think Matt Bellamy would want it this way) near William & Mary in VA — giving the bands wild bouts of diarrhea and forcing them to cancel stops on their tour.

Impressively, Muse and MCR fans sussed out the bands’ condition for cancellation AND the establishment responsible, and proceeded in a civilized manner: They delivered a series of threats on Glenn Gormley’s diarrhea-dispensing life. That shit is bananas! Actually, that shit merits legal protection, Glenn. Get on that.


And the countdown is on to see how long it takes for some emo fan, somehow, to twist this into a report that Matt Bellamy will produce the next MCR record. Wouldn’t be the first time.