New Bruce Springsteen Video – “The Wrestler”

New Bruce Springsteen Video – “The Wrestler”

You can argue the ins and outs of Best Song Oscar eligibility until you’re Mickey Rourke’s reconstructed sadness mug in the face, it doesn’t change the fact that there is only one song that should win that award and it is this song. Mickey and Bruce’s sort of adorable (and now highly publicized) friendship factors in, because Springsteen penned this one by deeply understanding and inhabiting the film’s tragic hero, and nobody needs to hear more about the similarities between Rourke and Randy The Ram. But while we’re there: Rourke should win Best Actor, too. dude is with me. Oh so this is the official video for “The Wrestler,” and it’s got Bruce singing in the ring intercut with Rourke and Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood believing in each other, letting each other down, and battling their base instincts to love and trust again because THIS IS LIFE and we can’t do it alone and damn that was a great movie. Plus good on Todd Barry for bringing some laughs to Aronofsky.

Oscars are on Sunday, you should come to the liveblog at Videogum. Working On A Dream is out, The Wrestler remains awesome.

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