Dan Deacon @ Mercury Lounge, NYC 5/12/07

He may look like he’d be the most awkward kid in the room, but Baltimore’s electro-animaniac Dan Deacon is a charmer. As per his custom, Deacon set his rig of pedals, keys, lightbulbs, and discman in front of the stage, flipping the show-going script for those who chose it; some stood on stage looking over his sweat-soaked shoulder, while he commanded the concentric semi-circles of loons from the dance floor. (And on this night “loons” included The Office’s B.J. Novak a.k.a. Ryan Howard, not to be outdone by Jim Halpert’s recent show-going exploits.)

Mercury Lounge never felt more like a loft party: During songs people jumped, high-fived, and flailed; sang along from lyrics sheets; and let loose during a floor-clearing dance-tag cirle. And between songs folks held their neighbors’ hands in a hilarious Deacon-led prayer/apology, about a friend’s Netflix account (which devolved into a gross and brilliant recitation of the sick things those neighbors’ hands might do when alone); kids held their arms up and got goofy; and incessantly snapped for a full minute while verbally repeating, yep, “Snap!”

And if that all sounds retarded … congratulations, it was! But that’s how Dan suckers you in, via vocoder and manic antics, opening up crossed-arms to his sugar-rushed party jamz. All that said, nothing’s gonna do it justice like this vid of “Wham City,” from the excellent Spiderman Of The Rings, which Brooklyn Heathen captured Saturday night.

For the uninitiated, some MP3s…

Dan Deacon – “The Crystal Cat” (MP3)
Dan Deacon – “Snake Mistakes” (MP3)

Take the jump for our pics of Dan and the crowd, and Brooklyn Heathen vid of the hysterical dance-tag session.

Dance Tag