The Petition To Jail Paris Hilton, Brought To You By The Band Guilty Of Mutilating Talking Heads

It may be presidential election season, but nothing mobilizes the American citizenry like American Idol and/or Paris Hilton’s jail sentence. The heiress’s recent DUI conviction and jail sentence has resulted in competing petitions to the Governator: one asking him to Free Paris (26,139 signatures) and the other of the Jail Paris Hilton variety (63,639 names to date).

You know all this. But did you realize the Jail Paris petition was created by the Exies, of abominable-Talking-Heads-cover fame? Guess butchering “Once In A Lifetime” didn’t grab enough headlines. Or maybe Paris stole their lunch money. We dare you to refresh your memory by taking the jump. You may wonder who deserves the jail time more.