Phoenix – “Love Like A Sunset Part III”

As a record Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix has got legs, is excellent, and is the closest thing you’ll see to a slick synth-pop- king maker in 2010. Soon after the record’s release they played one of those weird, small Bonnaroo side-stages that don’t even get the honor of having a stoner-confusing What/Where/etc. name; the next year they were exceeding the field capacity of the second mainstage to over 20,000 people. So it’s weird to see them headline Madison Square Garden (weirder still that it means an MSG debut for opener Dirty Projectors), but mostly just reassuring: sometimes good things and mass cultural — or at least Madison Square-cultural — things do align.

In promotion of this show, Phoenix has revealed that “Love Like A Sunset” is not just a song in two parts but in fact a trilogy, sort of: there’s the dusky, dynamic synth instrumental of part one, the sanguine sunrise proper pop of “Part II,” and then this, the “Part III,” which is actually more like a dank house remix of the sequel, playing with the Mars vocals, pairing them to minimal then bigger beats underneath. You can e-street-team in support of the show by tweeting about it via a designated link, and in return you will get a “Part III” MP3. Hear it first:

(via Some Kind Of Awesome)

For MP3, tweet about the show by registering at this link. The show’s on 10/20. If you find MSG to be too far a subway ride or, more likely, have already seen both Phoenix and Dirty Projectors at smaller rooms by now, we happen to be throwing a pretty great $5 CMJ show that same night.

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