Marilyn Manson And Evan Weren’t Fucking Around About Their On Camera Fucking

We posted Marilyn’s “Heart Shaped Glasses” video with the obligatory NSFW caveat ’cause “the Wood-on-Manson copulation herein approaches Cinemax-at-2AM levels.” And we were right, except sources say this was no Skinemax simulation.

Via Radar:

According to a source close to the production crew, Manson and Wood elected not to fake their intercourse. Though their naughty bits are concealed on-screen by bedclothes and each other’s bodies, the logistics of the shoot ensured the crew members had an intimate view of the proceedings: The video was originally intended to be shot in 3-D, meaning the couple’s writhings had to be shot from several different angles simultaneously. And just to be sure they got it right, Manson and Wood got it on three times for the cameras.

Of course, as we’ve noted in the past, planting rumors that hot on-screen sex was real is hardly an original publicity gambit. And a rep for Manson insists, “It was simulated sex.”

But our source had no doubts either about what took place, or about why Manson, who cultivates an air of calculated outrageousness, would be anxious to deny it: “The Christian parents will be sharpening their steak knives for him.”

Make that a lifetime of therapy for Mr. and Mrs. Wood! But not for Dita; she refuses to see it. And somebody get Marilyn some makeup remover. For Evan’s sake. Gross.