New Veils – “Killed By The Boom”

Three albums deep and the most consistency XTC-progeny Finn Andrews is willing to show, aside from steadily improving songcraft, is building his Veils of a different lineup at each stop. This upcoming LP isn’t a total overhaul in the personnel department — the band is now a quartet instead of a trio but retains bassist Sophia Burn — however “Killed By The Boom” seems to once more hint at new rhythmic suits. Nux Vomica dosed with sublime and rangy pop noir, all fire-and-brimstone fervor and caterwauling spaghetti western and Buckley-on-Cave offerings, and then at Mercury Lounge two years back Finn told us the band was off to Oklahoma to shift things up and work on the new album. Now he tells us the jagged and spunked barn-burner “Killed By The Boom” is “possibly about The Wire’s Omar Little.” Which means this song is a big old SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t seen that show, and now you have two reasons to finish The Wire: to enjoy this new track from the Veils, and to witness the advent of broadcast literature. Sweet.

The Veils – “Killed By The Boom” (MP3)

Sun Gangs is out 4/7 via Rough Trade. You can still grab MP3 of the Veils’ contribution to our tribute to R.E.M.’s Automatic For The People, Drive XV.

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