New Ryan Adams [Feat. Sheryl Crow] – “Two”

Although 29 and Jacksonville City Nights offered a respite of sorts, ever since Cold Roses, Ry’s head has been Dead set; even his Town Hall stint and recent Rollins Show performance of Easy Tiger cut “Goodnight Rose” saw him appease his inner Jerry’s kid. But the first studio taste from Tiger is a throw back to those Gold soundz that took him from your personal Heartbreaker to his enduring “next-big-thing” status.

The song’s called “Two,” though it sounds more like “2.0,” as in “Harder Now That It’s Over 2.0.” Well, a little faster, and maybe the capo set up a few frets — but it is built on that same roots-fave C-G chord base. Still, it’s got a fancy guest vocal, it’s got a great Ry vocal, and it’s essentially Lesh-less. Nice start, Ry.

Ryan Adams – “Two [Feat. Sheryl Crow]” (Stream via MySpace)

Easy Tiger is out 6/26 on Lost Highway.

[Pic of Ry’s set at Bowery Ballroom 6/24/06.]