Avey Tare – “Lucky 1″ Video

Dave “Avey” Portner’s never shied from being nepotistic in offering plum positioning for little sister Abby. Which is fine and fair because, all told, aside from the blood connect there’s also ties in aesthetic: Abby’s music project Drawlings fucks with samples and isn’t afraid to be grating live (like the time she opened at Bowery and built a song around a sample of an infant crying for dear life, or maybe just a tug of milk, which I suppose is the same thing), and visually she created an entire one-time-only trippy underwater scene for Animal Collective’s big Prospect Park show last summer. It’s the trippy visual side that’s here, providing alligator-based imagery for “Lucky 1,” the lead MP3 and now video from Avey’s solo LP Down There.

Via Avey’s site, alligatorland.net. Fitting.

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Avey Tare – “Lucky 1″