Hey You, Meet Au

Another day, another Portland band. This one’s more of a guest-laden one-man project though; Au (say the letters, pronounce the name — Ay you) is the work of Luke Wyland, a multi-instrumental nomad who’s buckled down in Oregon and begun to hone his wandering, sprawling psych-folk. On “Sum,” Luke starts with bright, breezy bells and a throwaway ukulele spurt, before singer Zoë Wright starts with a gentle Concretes-ish vocal. At about 2:30, it sounds as though Animal Collective’s Geologist gets his manipulative mitts on the cut — which is to say, it begins to sound rather awesome.

Au – “Sum” (MP3)

More of a Grizzly Bear vibe to this one, particularly with Luke’s Droste-styled melody — though in the end it’s in line with “Sum”‘s sunny-day windstorms.

Au – “Boute” (MP3)

Au’s MySpace says “It once was just one, now it is three,” so we’re thinking live conspirators Jonathan Sielaff and Mark Kaylor are now official. Maybe. Anyway, Au is out 6/26 on Aagoo/Oedipus Records. And clearly, they’ve got their heads in the clouds about it.

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