Veronica Mars Pitchfork Reference Gets A 3.7 For Being Ill Informed

Those script writers at Veronica Mars sure know how to keep the cool kids tuned in. Having Paul Rudd turn up as a booze-soaked rock has-been was one thing, but this week they went straight for the indie rock jugular. Reader Rebecca S. provides the transcript:

PIZ: So, I have news. I got offered an internship with Pitchfork Media. Pretty much the most highly regarded music review publication on the Internet.

VERONICA: Piz, that’s fantastic!

PIZ: Yeah, I get to work with the most important critics in the business, see bands when they’re on the verge of breaking. Might even get to do a few reviews myself, so I can really get my snob on. Their offices are in New York … which could be cool, right?

VERONICA: Super cool, you lucky dog!

PIZ: Twelve weeks in the Big Apple.

As reader Travis tells us, Piz ultimately turns down the internship. Which was a wise decision ’cause he was sorta heading to the wrong city. Unless a Pitchfork internship these days means doing Ryan Schreiber’s dishes in Brooklyn.

UPDATE: Looks like the dishwashing worked.