New Figurines – “Hey Girl”

Last year’s States side release of Skeleton had us impressed and sorta awed by how adeptly the great Danes of Figurines pulled off sounding like an unabashedly ’90s American indie rock band. Though last summer’s Bowery show didn’t impress, the jerky jangle of tracks like “The Wonder” and the cute animated vid for “Back In The Day” left us wanting more, and more we get via Figurines’ MySpace player update, offering up “Hey Girl,” the first single from their forthcoming, third LP. Still fans of hook melodies following bass movement, indie-pop as ever, with a touch more ‘psych’ to the guitars. Have a listen here.

[Pic from Figurines set at Bowery Ballroom 6/6/06.]

And if you’re iTunes could use some Skeleton, here’s your best starter kit…

Figurines – “The Wonder” (MP3)

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