HEALTH Cover Pictureplane’s “Goth Star”

Some cross-Lovepump love, HEALTH making an honest band-track out of labelmate Pictureplane’s seductively sampled, chopped-vocal/screwed-rave druglove-on-the-dancefloor supercut “Goth Star.” Pictureplane’s a BTW and his noise house and hiss, serrated-speaker houseparty soundtrack  Dark Rift LP was one of my favorites last year, one that I still return to; HEALTH’s a BTW whose arty noise and visceral dime-stopped progressive, punked music flirt with dance styles unless they’re popping pills and straight-up fucking dance styles. HEALTH covering Pictureplane is a love match. Performed and recorded two nights ago in Moscow’s 16 Tons Club.

(via @mookpump)