Ryan Adams Compiles A Heartbreaker Of A Playlist

Time to make that Easy Tiger press push, so DJ Reggie hooked up with the Apple folks to compile his ten-track celebrity playlist. And we’re hoping he listened to very little of it while writing Easy Tiger. Sonic Youth, Nas, Bonnie Raitt, all good. But there are two that have us singing the rescue blues…

The Fray – “How To Save A Life”
This is perfect songwriting and anybody that says otherwise is a jerk. Amazing hair-raising stuff. I would write songs like this if I had an attention span, but they would have more wizards, problems, and space references, etc…

Linkin Park – “Numb”
Amazing band, nice folks, kick-*ss music. Everyone steals from them and they don’t care. They still do it like it was yesterday and yesterday was tomorrow. Times five.

Everyone steals from Linkin Park?! As long as “everyone” doesn’t include you, Ry, we won’t even fight you on that. And you you probably heard that Adams has a fan in Stephen King. But apparently the King’s not a big enough fan to place Ryan on the horror master’s list of Top 24 Rock Songs Of All Time (via EW.com):

24 “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” – Iron Butterfly
23 “Dead Flowers” – The Rolling Stones
22 “Needless And Pins” – The Searchers
21 “I Get Around” – The Beach Boys
20 “On The Dark Side” – John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band
19 “You Never Can Tell” – Chuck Berry
18 “I Want To Help You Ann” – The Lyres
17 “Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress” – The Hollies
16 “Don’t Be Cruel” – Elvis Presley
15 “Ain’t No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire)” – AC/DC
14 “Sixty Minute Man” – The Dominoes
13 “Mass. Ave.” – Willie Alexander
12 “The Girl Can’t Help It” – Little Richard
11 “She Loves You” – The Beatles
10 “A Big Hung O’ Love” – Elvis Presley
09 “Bip Bop Boom” – Mickey Hawks
08 “Let’s Have A Party” – Wanda Jackson
07 “New Orleans” – Gary U.S. Bonds
06 “Ramrod” – Bruce Springsteen
05 “C’mon Everybody” – Eddie Cochran
04 “Stupid Cupid” – Connie Francis
03 “Mystery Dance” – Elvis Costello
02 “Burning Love” – Elvis Presley
01 “Anarchy In The U.K.” – The Sex Pistols

Don’t love that list, Stevie, but we read like everything you wrote back when we were in middle school, so you’re forgiven. Christine killed it. Always wanted Arnie Cunningham’s car for its awesome music-selection feature. And to viciously murder our bullies.