How Much Would You Pay To See Prince, Billy Joel, Dave Matthews, Tom Petty, and James Taylor?

If you said “$15K, obviously!” — this one’s for you. The Wall Street Journal offers up good news for people who like absurd news:

This summer, promoters are offering a new service for VIP concert-goers: eliminating the riffraff altogether.

A new five-concert series called “Social” will debut in East Hampton, N.Y., in July, with a pass to all five shows costing $15,000. (Tickets aren’t available for individual shows.)

The Social lineup is hardly cutting-edge — it includes Prince, Billy Joel, Dave Matthews, Tom Petty and James Taylor.

Think that’s a lot? Don’t worry ’cause Bulldog Entertainment (the genius organization behind the series) will soften the blow with to-die-for amenities like free parking!

Actually punters also will be treated to celebrity-chef prepared meals and “seating will include daybeds, ottomans and Moroccan pillows.” But for $15,000 they better include a live set by three or more Beatles.