Adventures In Vinyl

As part of my bizzirthday present a few weeks ago, Eliza Jane got me a new turntable and a gift certificate to Other Music. Our vinyl collection consisted mostly of my random post-rock albums and EJ’s Velocity Girl and Discount 7″s from college. It lived in our closet. Despite Nicole’s awesome artwork you see at the top of this page, it’s actually been a while since Stereogum owned a working turntable. Here’s what I’ve picked up so far as I embark on my expensive new hobby…

First stop, conveniently enough, was the WFMU record fair.

I went with the lovely Cara, and we had a blast watching the vinyl freaks in their natural habitat. We both decided we needed Leonard Nimoy albums.

I got the one with “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.”

The vendor who sold it to me was Erik Lindgren, who runs Arf! Arf! Records.

Turns out he was the guy who brought John Kerry’s old band The Electras to the Washington Post’s attention a few months ago. He told me about surprising Kerry at a rally with a copy of the album last fall. Very cool.

There were also some rare non-music items available at the fair:

SEX RACISM PROPAGANDA CARTOONS! 90 OFFENSIVE MINUTES! No refunds obvs. Didn’t buy that one.

I did get this Eleanor Roosevelt jawn, though.

It totally rocks.

Before we left, Cara spun the WFMU mystery wheel of fortune.

For $1, she could’ve won a refridgerator magnet. Instead her prize was watching the guy in the red sweater do a difficult yoga pose. Seriously.

Moving on … here are two collector’s items I acquired last week:


You’re thinking: “Berlin? The Alarm? Huh?” These are the actual LPs from Bands Reunited that Aamer had the band members autograph to show they were on board. I really want the Squeeze one, but no one seems to know where it is.

Finally, I bought these at Other Music yesterday:


MBV: No brainer.
Of Montreal: Great album … on clear vinyl! Comes with a 7″ too.
Joanna Newsom: A lot of buzz about her these days, but it gave me a headache.

Now we’re off to Long Island for Mother’s Day. My parents actually asked me to leave with their record collection! I think I’ll be coming home with every Dylan, Beatles, and Stones LP. That should keep me occupied at least through July.