Kelly Clarkson Don’t Take No Clive

Not that we took Kelly for a liar, but reports about in-house battles with Clive Davis and BMG about the direction of her forthcoming record My December seemed tough to swallow. (Kelly and Clive duking it out over her decision to shun producers and write her own tunes? C’mon.) Turns out, that’s exactly how it went down. In a bungalow! Via Entertainment Weekly:

EW: For months after you delivered this record there was no word as to when, or whether, it was coming out. Did you have any contact with Clive Davis?

KELLY CLARKSON:I found out he was in L.A. I called him and was like, ”Why are we talking through people, dude? Let’s just meet.” He was like, ”I agree.” So I went to his bungalow where he stays here and we had a nice talk for a couple hours. I was like, ”You don’t like the music; that’s cool. You don’t have to love it.” There’s no hard feelings. And that’s why I don’t like [our differences] to get out in public. I don’t want to be the Joan of Arc of the music industry.

EW: But he didn’t toss your work in the trash, right?

KELLY CLARKSON: Hell, he still could. That’s the beauty of my life.

EW: Are you worried about how your fans will respond to the darker material?

KELLY CLARKSON: That was one of the label’s things; they were like, ”It’s just too negative.” I’m like, ”Well, I’m sorry I’ve inconvenienced you with my life.”

From what we’ve heard, Clive shouldn’t worry. “Never Again” is no “Breakaway” hit, and it’s no “Since You Been Gone,” but it is a ballsy rocker from America’s favorite Idol. The record’s out June 26th, and it’ll be interesting to see how it sells. Predict a massive fall-off in sales? She may not have the writing chops of past collaborators Max Martin and Dr. Luke, but she does have Mike Watt and that oughta help her nab that coveted subset of diva-loving Minutemen/Stooges fans.