Ted Leo Live On Human Giant

Our friends Aziz, Paul, and Rob have had a funny run so far on their MTV show Human Giant, though the troupe’s absurdist shorts presumably haven’t lived up to Viacom brass’s lofty expectations. (Let’s face it, it’s no Road Rules 2007.) To save the show, the trio’s taken over MTV and MTV2 for 24 hours (noon today ’til noon tomorrow), charged with amassing 1,000,000 hits to humangiant.mtv.com before marathon end, and calling a shit ton of comedians and musicians to help fill the time.

A couple of hours ago they had Ted Leo solo in the studio, who expertly (and melodically) improvised while his guitar dropped out during “Me And Mia.” Watch it here, and don’t mind that they mislabeled the tune “A Bottle Of Buckie” (blame the interns).

Earlier this morning they had Mastodon rocking “Sleeping Giant” (watch here), and later they promise Albert Hammond, Jr., Tegan & Sara, and most awesomely, the National (not in that order). Left click and save.