Let’s Name The Phil Spector Biopic Starring Al Pacino

It’s true, the NY Times Arts Beat blog reports the legendary producer/wig owner/murderer Phil Spector is having a film made about his life, presumably about his legendary producing/wig owning/murdering, to be written by David Mamet for HBO Films and starring the one and only Al Pacino. This is going to be great. As you can see from Al’s gray-haired look as Dr. Jack Kavorkian above for the docudrama You Don’t Know Jack, Pacino can easily cop the aged resignation of real life social pariahs just fine. Since it’s still the early stages of production, though, they still don’t have a title. Let’s come up with one? If you need some facts upon which to base your film title pitches: Dude’s a ground-breaking genius, who is also serving a 19 years-to-life sentence for the murder of Lana Clarkson. Pretty standard. Cool so here are a couple to start:

  • You’ve Lost That Living Feeling: The Story Of How Phil Spector Is A Murderer
  • If You See Me Holding A Gun, Da Doo Ron Ron: The Story Of Phil Spector

Best submission wins the right to brag about it.