Kisses – “Kisses (Joe Goddard of Hot Chip Remix)

Kisses are in the UK right now supporting their just-released debut album. But they’ll be in New York for CMJ, where they’re playing eight shows over five days. Their self-titled single, “Kisses” is also out in the UK, with a b-side remix by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard. The original is a breezy, but emotionally distant track about love and fidelity — Jesse Kivel’s singing “I love you” sounds just as unemotional as when he describes meeting with other girls. Goddard’s remix is a rounded, percussive take, without the humming keyboards.

Kisses – “Kisses (Joe Goddard Of Hot Chip Remix)”

Kisses – “Kisses”

The Heart Of The Nightlife is out today.