James Blake – “The Limit To Your Love” (Feist Cover) Video

James’s spellbinding cover of Feist’s “The Limit To Your Love” gives a clean look at the experimental UK producer remarkable voice, a remarkable pristine and powerful thing for someone spending so much time rearranging the spatial configurations of beats, bass, and vocals in his own first rate songs and triptych of 2010 EPs. Its video, directed by Martin de Thurah, plays with all of those elements: You get clear shots of James’s face (just look at the Klavierwerke EP cover to know that isn’t always the case) in an apartment where apples float in space, teabags rip, and water glasses flutter to the disorienting peripheral noises that fill in the track’s pockets of silence. Like Cornelius’s “Fit Song” clip without the whimsy. Serious, good, seriously good.

(via P4K)

The single is out 11/8 via ATLAS.

In Feist news, Look At What The Light Did Now (a doc about the making of The Reminder) is coming to a college campus near you: