Gordon Voidwell – “Ivy League Circus” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Gordon Voidwell (né Will Johnson) has got a self-aware, smart charm about his fashioned and fashionable ’80s R&B pop stylings. “Ivy League Circus” is the single that bundles it most neatly, an immediate earworm with a sticky/fun retro future-funk hook, with elastic vocals like Cameo over sanguine bump and funk redolent of Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy.” The video’s got Gordon, a fashion writer himself, decked out and working a bowtie in some modified ’80s Ivy League prep his own, like Carlton Banks if he hung out with F.I.T. girls, run through VHS print and bright colored nostalgic video FX. Mostly, though, it’s just some thoughtful fun.

Take it:

Gordon Voidwell – “Ivy League Circus”

You can buy the “Ivy League Circus” 12″ on Cantora. Gordon has a full-length expected in 2011; for now he’s touring with Mayer Hawthorne.