Evan Dando Shares 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

New York Magazine’s interview with lifelong friends (but not lovers?) Julianna Hatfield and Evan Dando has some sad details in it, especially if you were part of the Sassy/Spin Magazine set that grew up worshiping one or both. The writer, who describes both as still pretty, but still damaged, mentions that Hatfield had considered quitting live performance, but that playing with Dando has given them a reason to hang out. You also get the sense that Hatfield is taking care of Dando, since, as she describes it, he’s living in squalor. When the writer finally gets a peek at Dando’s apartment in New York’s financial district, she finds “… a charred tablespoon; a copy of Aleister Crowley’s Diary Of A Drug Fiend; a Polaroid of Dando and his ethereally blonde estranged wife, Elizabeth Moses; a pile of plastic bags filled with substances…” all on the coffee table. They’re all sitting next to a chunk of the World Trade Center that he retrieved from the site. And, since Dando lives very close to the WTC, he’s got a theory about what happened too:

“I shouldn’t get into it, because I’m not a political person, but they were blown up by bombs. They were not taken out by those airplanes. Those fires were going out and then the buildings blew up. What I saw and heard that day was a crime, and not by the people they’re saying. That’s all I’ll say. I’m worried about our country. But then again I’ve been worried about America my entire life.”

After this, Hatfield tries to get everyone out of the apartment, perhaps to protect the writer from Dando, or Dando from the writer. So we don’t get any followup to his conspiracy theory. It’s a commonly-held conspiracy theory, and while it’s interesting that Dando, with his last comment, doesn’t seem to tie it to any particular administration, his drug use doesn’t inspire confidence either.