Saturday Night Live Takes A Load Off Fanny

Fairly whimpering end to a decent season for Saturday Night Live this weekend, but this sketch played with one of our all-time fave tunes to some comedic effect…

That’s the note! Think you know what “The Weight” is about? Think again. There’s more to this tune than that timeless hook and the “Fanny/Annie” confusion. This article examines the tune’s meaning and hits on everything from Martin guitars to venereal disease (“the load” is the clap?). We’ve tossed that link back and forth on IM and have decided it’s impossibly thorough. Or entirely insane. Either way, a great read if you love that song as do we.

And SNL got into the Pitchfork-referencing game with a sketch about possibly playing The Garden State soundtrack at a high school prom: “That won a Grammy? It was like a Pitchfork mix CD.” (A P4K mix CD that scored a 7.0.)

And, the first single ain’t bad, but how terrible was that second Maroon 5 song? “She Will Be Loved” with a vaguely Stevie-fied melody and lyrics most definitely pilfered from a high schooler’s love journal. (Or LiveJournal.) No thank you.