Stream Titan Sweet Dreams

Titan - Sweet Dreams

Stream Titan Sweet Dreams

Titan - Sweet Dreams

When I wrote about Titan’s A Raining Sun of Light And Love For You And You And You three years ago I admitted to having “the record collection of a geeky senior citizen, including hundreds of albums from the [late-1960s/early-70s progressive/psychedelic] period Titan loves as well as post-70s players who’ve shared that fixation.” I also had a few words about the Brooklyn quartet’s sound, noting that “across 42 minutes of Comets On Fire on Acid echo rides, projectile Neu! vomits, flanged crescendos, and some right pretty guitars […] it’s the less polished, odd rumblings that stay with you, start to feel like a tease beneath the weight of a too-well-oiled juggernaut.” I ended with this:

The players are obviously compatible and technically astute, but on the whole the collection isn’t specific or individual (or warped or weird) enough to inspire return trips. Dudes need to spring more leaks.

Well, holy hell, they’ve gone and done just that on the excellent, organic five-song followup, Sweet Dreams, a collection featuring the right mix of loose, tight, intense, dark, bright, tripped-out, and hazy. The guys waste no time (or space) between the galloping guitar/synth laser-tag of the title track, the endless boogie of the heavy, playful 11-minute closer “Maximum Soberdrive,” the bird-sound field recordings and zonked, half-submerged chants between. Suitable for folks into various ’60s/’70s prog heroes, Deep Purple/Rainbow-ites (note those tones), those of you into smoking green stuff.

Titan – “Sweet Dreams”
Titan – “Synthasaurs”
Titan – “Wooded Altar Beyond The Wander”
Titan – “Highlands Of Orick”
Titan – “Maximum Soberdrive”

It’s not just me. The scruffier shift’s something the band’s acknowledged. In a press release of some sort guitarist Josh Anzano noted:

Sweet Dreams’ has been the culmination of major urges welling up inside all of us to be a bit faster, a bit harder, a bit trippier and generally more aggro in our approach to writing, jamming out, and conceptualizing the songs and record as a whole. It’s a lot tighter, but it’s also a lot looser.

Sweet Dreams is out via Relapse. They’re doing a release party on 10/24 with Royal Thunder and La Otracina at Union Pool, Brooklyn.

Titan Promo Photo 2010

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