New Pet Shop Boys Video – “Love Etc.”

Recently Chris and Neil were joined by Brandon Flowers and Lady GaGa on a medley of their greatest hits during the 2009 BRIT Awards. It just so happens the Pet Shop Boys have a new album coming out next month. What a coincidence (what a not a coincidence)! Sounding good so far though. The first Yes single is “Love Etc.,” which the Boys have described as “a post-lifestyle anthem.” In our first post on the track, Brandon wrote it is “a catchy, icy meld of Tennant’s ageless voice spinning an excellently cynical — but warm, because of the “love” component — yarn about always needing more within a city of synthesizers, drum machines, and factory-line group chants.” Prescient pull on the “factory-line” bit, as the horizontally scrolling animated video is part Sonic The Hedgehog (dated video game reference!) and part Pac Man (chomping down on hearts, shamrocks, and cash money), with a lineup of Chrisses, Neils, and others shouting, flexing, unmasking, and turning into draculas. Also, stretch limos.

Yes is out 3/23 in the UK via Parlophone. The “Love Etc.” single’s out 3/16 and will come with remixes by Gui Boratto, the Pet Shop Boys, Kurd Maverick and FrankMusik.