The Most Exhausted Midget In The Game

When reader Igor wrote in this weekend to tell us that Lady Sov bailed after just two songs of her late-night set at the Pull-Out Method party at Studio B Friday night, it felt like the tenth time we’ve gotten this sort of email over the past year. Does this girl ever not breakdown? Here’s what Igor had to say about the situation:

Last night at the FUN party at Studio B Lady Sov didn?t get on stage until after 3 AM. As she was waiting to go on stage she started setting paper on fire. She got up on stage and the first thing she said was that this was the smallest crowd she had played to in ?a long time?. This probably had something to do with the fact that people waited two hours for her to go on. She then played Love Me or Hate Me but she didn?t sing the choruses. Then she proceeded to say she was just here for the money. She said she was broke and didn?t want to go on. She was like ?I don?t know what I am doing, what song is next?? Then she did another song and just sort of broke down. She said that she had been playing the same songs for two years and that she was sick of it. She told the audience that we couldn?t possibly understand. She then was like ?fuck this, I don?t care if I don?t get paid? and walked off the stage after a quick talk with her DJ.

But it wasn’t ’til this vid popped in our mailbox that it seemed worth a post, ’cause Igor told no lies. She needs some donations, a year off, and a big big hug.