Tinted Windows (James Iha, Adam Schlesinger, Taylor Hanson) Is A Band That Exists, Offers Songs

I think everybody had a certain reflexive rush to O_o and WTF at last week’s news that supergroup Tinted Windows, comprising Fountain of Wayne Adam Schlesinger, ex-Pumpkin James Iha, Cheap Trickster Bun E. Carlos, and the Hanson brother you remember, had been secretly out there existing and recording in NYC. Cramazing. But Schlesinger and Iha are well documented mates who aren’t afraid to take on pet projects that maybe don’t have the most indie cred (see: America), so, that they have a new cred-rehabilitation pet project who once played in Hanson shouldn’t be such a shock. Besides, he’s the handsome Hanson, and he can sing, so let’s just mmmm bop a little, you guys. Tinted Windows have an album out in April, a show at SXSW, and right here, a quick glimpse of the outfit/Taylor’s outfit in action. This faux-’80s rock show promo piece is either ironically awkward or intentionally awkward and so interesting viewing, with a rundown, C-grade Jerry Seinfeld ringer named Godwin Alexander introducing us to Tinted Windows for the first time. We get some quick snippets of the songs “Kind Of A Girl” and “Messin’ With My Head.” Try before you buy:

And here’s “Kind Of A Girl” in full:

Hmmmm Bop. Taylor’s dapper, boy-band bred mugging strapped to Adam’s unapologetically snappy power-pop strips any prospect of engaging with this stuff ironically, so you really have to go all in. On the bright side, at best, it sounds like it might be a (somewhat predictably) Hanson on Fountains record. At worst, it’s feeling like the Jonas Brothers if they could sing and featured a Smashing Pumpkin. Think on that while you absorb this fierceness:

Tinted Windows is out 4/21 via S-Curve. The band’s making their live not-on-a-fake-talk-show debut at SXSW, 3/20 at the Billboard Showcase @ Pangea in Austin. Have fun getting in.