Even Tattooed Love Boys Read Sassy

Sure, you’ve got your classic zines (recap with this archive, including Maximumrocknroll), high-end music nerd bibles, and mass-market glossies, but who knew Sassy hid in their ranks? Eat the Press’s Rachel Sklar took one look at the coverage of How Sassy Changed My Life and rang up ex Mike Attenborough for his recap of Sassy’s indie cred. Why? Mike, entertainment editor of his college paper, was a first-degree music obsessive (his “indie rawk opera” mixtape had “fold-out liner notes with a complex story built out of the tracks”) who had a subscription to Sassy paid for by the paper:

How could a college music fan worth his Pumas not read Sassy? Reading it was a rush. Did Thurston Moore just threaten to whup a stranger? Look, Mark Robinson has a sense of humor after all! Hey, I think these guys are playing our local shitty dive bar this weekend! I wasn’t getting that in Rolling Stone or Spin; maybe in Q or NME but they cared as much about U.S. indie then as they do now, which is to say they don’t.

An issue might have J Mascis (“typical of his gender”) offering dating advice or the only Cobain/Love magazine cover in existence (“They caught him smiling, for God’s sake”). It’s less surprising that guys read it, too, than that it managed to pull cultural double duty as a pop shibboleth for boy-crazy teen culture and a “hate mail of love” underground zine. Anyone else out there find good music in a sassy sandwich?