Avey Tare Talks About Crocodiles, Cancer, Divorce, How Down There’s His Death Record

Portner talks about how Down There’s like a ride down the River Styx, talks about the differences between recording with Animal Collective and going it alone, then opens up about his separation from Kría Brekkan, the death of his grandmother, his sister Heather being diagnosed with cancer, etc. Even with the weird vocal processing and wobbly visuals, this extended 30-minute video interview with him is illuminating in a way interviews usually aren’t. Take a look/listen to the discussion with another sister/repeat video director Abby Portner. (Oh, at the end he talks about whether or not we can expect any live Down There…)

If you haven’t, listen to the album — my favorite Animal Collective-related offering in a long while — at NPR. Ideally at night. And keep watch at alligatorland.net for other Down There dispatches.