Marilyn Manson “Putting Holes In Happiness,” Covering Justin Timberlake

When it comes to self-promotion, Ohio’s Brian Hugh Warner is an undeniable genius, his oversized persona such that we’re often distracted from his music by, say, his gross gender-bending bodysuits, or his fornicating in a storm-shower of blood. Little things like that. But with no video to pull aside our fickle attention spans (yet), Eat Me, Drink Me track “Putting Holes In Happiness” shows that, gimmicks aside, and when he’s got himself a melody, Manson’s double-tracked delivery still is bona fide goth bait. Have a listen at Metal Sucks.

Once you do that, take away that double-tracked trick, dial up the self-promo bit and grab Brian Warner’s acoustic cover of Timberlake’s “What Goes Around”, recorded for BBC. No it’s not good, but as far as grabbing attention goes, the Ohio kid’s a genius.