Keane Butcher Genesis

Covering “That’s All” is a tall order. Not to get all Patrick Bateman, but we do consider it a perfect pop song. That said, you could have at least learned the words, Keane! Check in at 30 seconds (and again at 2:48) for the flub.

C’mon Tom, it’s easy to remember…

See, the lines all have opposites!

  • I could say day, you’d say night
  • Tell me it’s black when I know that it’s white

  • Anyway, he was nervous. It’s sorta cute. We would have, however, awarded points for use of Collins’ iconic phrasing (it’s pronounced “s’alwaysasame”).

    Tune in to VH1 Rock Honors tonight to rate Nickelback’s take on ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man”, Gretchen Wilson w/ Alice In Chains’ attempt at Heart’s “Barracuda,” and Flavor Flav’s version of Ozzy’s “Paranoid.” (Kidding — they let QOTSA handle that.)

    All the honorees perform too. Click here to watch the recently reunited Genesis play “Turn It On Again.”

    Also, Keane … no keyboard solo?! And would hobo costumes be too much to ask?

    Incidentally, there’s a sweet new Genesis boxed set out, and Rhino’s having a listening party.