Deerhoof – “The Merry Barracks”

I like the calmer, relatively languid feel of “The Merry Barracks,” the lead track from the older, wiser Deerhoof’s forthcoming 10th studio album Deerhoof Vs. Evil. (Bigger or smaller claim than High Places Vs. Mankind?) The song’s been floating around here/there, but Satomi’s explanation finally pins it to one place. (Sort of.)

Those cars with super loud subwoofers.
They frightened me at night. The sounds present nightmares, fears and darkness. Still I am attracted to them.
I play bass to overcome my own fears for loooooowwww heavy frequencies.

It’s interesting how all the parts are woven in this song. I love Greg’s drumming on this one. A bit behind the beat, silences, feel the air, rhythm is leaded by guitars. Imagine going under terrible storm. Thunders, rain, can’t see an inch ahead. Then what can we do? Fear goes away. Calmly I am gonna just sing to pray…

Another album track, the Caribbean-core “Super Duper Rescue Heads!”

Deerhoof Vs. Evil is out 1/24 in the UK via ATP and 1/25 in North American via Polyvinyl. It’s also out on cassette 1/25 via Joyful Noise.

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